Rotorua Heritage Farm is located at 171 Fairy Springs Road, where you will find 3 activities in one spot, the Farm Tour, the 3D Trick Art Gallery and Café 171.
This historical place has been transformed into what we now know as the Rotorua Heritage Farm and is a major tourist attraction in New Zealand, owned by a New Zealand Family living in Rotorua.
Rotorua is known as the tourism capital of the North Island, New Zealand.
Rotorua caters for everyone of all ages and walks of life, no matter what time of the year.
Rotorua Heritage Farm has been situated in Rotorua since the early 1930s
and is a beautiful spot to continue on with the traditional Farm Tour.


From early 1930s, the farm was established to create what it was like on a working farm for tourists to experience and was a part of the Rainbow Springs tourist attraction.
Today the Rotorua Heritage Farm has been developed to bring back the traditional Farm Tour of yesteryear for tourists to enjoy and become a part of the experience.
The Farm Tour is not a zoo but an actual working animal farm where visitors can pat and feed sheep, cattle, deer, ostrich and alpaca.